Skydiving – Solo Jump Course

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May 4, 2017
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May 19, 2017

Skydiving – Solo Jump Course

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This event finished on 19 June 2017

Solo Jump Course

  1. On popular demand, we are commencing static Line jump course(solo jumps) with effect from 02 June 2017. The course will be conducted at Nagarjuna Sagar airport. The location is near Hyderabad and is the perfect place for learning skydiving.  The location has been chosen to keep in mind the safe land area, weather, and altitude from the mean sea level and airspace clearance. The details about the Nagarjuna Sagar is placed in the enclosure
  2. Skyriders has one of the world best instructors to teach you. Corey Parker will be the chief Instructor who is an approved static Line instructor from United States Parachute Association. Skyriders is also affiliated to United States Parachute Association. All our activities are approved by Govt of India.
  3. Brief About Static Line Course. This is a solo jump course, a stepping stone to the world of skydiving.  The dive will be from 4000 feet, where parachute opens by static line/ or Instructor aids in a deployment of the parachute. The course will be for three days, where you will undergo theoretical training and we will also make you practice all aspects of the process. The Whole process of learning to skydive will be based on guidelines by United States Parachute Association. On completion of the training, an assessment will be done by each student to qualify him for the solo jump.
  4. Duration. The course will last for 3 days. It is advisable that students report one day earlier. The reporting time will be at 0900.
  5. An edited video of each student skydiver will also be provided at a nominal cost of Rs 1000/- A certificate will be given to each student who undergoes the course. Prestigious “Wings “ will be awarded to those who complete 5 Jumps. A Personal Log book @ Rs 200, will be issued to all jumpers who would like to continue with the sport. The log book will be valid all over the world.
  6. Dress code.  Comfortable dress, Sports Shoe compulsory. No fancy Sports shoe with hooks etc. No allowed. .
  7. Eligibility : 16 and above ( below 18, with parent’s consent), BMI 30 or less, medical certificate with self-declaration format attached.
  8. Also send us  a scanned copy of your id proof to enable us to keep air port entry pass ready for you.

Cost. The cost from 02 June to 26 June have been brought down for the promotion of the sport. The costs are as follows:-



No of Jumps

Actual Cost

Promo Offer



Solo Skydive(static Line course including Training)




03 Days


Solo Skydive(static Line course including Training)




03 days


Subsequent Jump




Day 1 - 1st June 2017

07:00 PM – Pick up from BMC office, 80 ft road Indiranagar
07:45 PM – Pick up from Esteem Mall, Hebbal

Day 2 - 2nd June 2017

6:30 AM – Reach Hotel, Freshen up
9:00 AM – Report at Nagarjuna Sagar Airport
6:00 PM – End of the day and back to hotel
Day 3 - 3rd June 2017

6:30 AM – Freshen up
9:00 AM – Report at Nagarjuna Sagar Airport
6:00 PM – End of the day and back to hotel
Day 4 - 4th June 2017

6:30 AM – Freshen up
9:00 AM – Report at Nagarjuna Sagar Airport
6:00 PM – End of the day and back to hotel
8:30 PM – Start back to Bangalore

We can arrange group transportation with stay from Bangalore if we have the minimum number to avail this additional service. The cost will be approx Rs.7,440, which we will communicate before the date of event.

For more information call us on 9611102222